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3) Wellness Leadership

In the Wellness Leadership training session, you discover how to institutionalize into your organizational culture the philosophy that “Wellness matters! You will learn how to value your people, slash bureaucracy, seek solutions that are outside the box and remember to reward innovation – but heck, also celebrate failure.

4) Positive Tickets

This workshop session will show how positive support and recognizing good behaviour in young people can lead to a dramatic reduction in crime and other anti-social behaviour. The Positive Ticket idea is based upon the notion of police officers hunting for the positive in youth (instead of just the negative). In other words, positive connections and working with youth in a proactive nature, and trying everything possible to prevent crime and tragedy from ever occurring. The Positive Ticket is a simply a coupon, voucher, token, or note, that has value for goods, services or some type of credit, acknowledgement or appreciation. Half a million Positive Tickets later, the proof is in the results. This approach has shown how investment in young people today will pay dividends and bring about real benefits for young people and their communities in the future.

5) Asset Building

This interactive training session (either half day or full day) will introduce the 40 Developmental Assets Program which was developed to identify the building blocks of healthy development that help young people grow up healthy, caring and responsible. Discover how this program has found that these assets are powerful influences on adolescent behaviour – both protecting young people from many different problem behaviours and promoting positive attitudes and behaviours.”

6) Ending Crime - Community Well Being, Revitalization and Engagement

This training session (either half day or full day) will explore the growing challenge and danger in the world today as it relates to crime and terror. Communities and countries have never been more challenged and at risk. Traditional law enforcement can no longer solve the complexities within today's society around crime and disorder. Communities are facing more and more chronic underlying problems & acute (painful) problems and symptoms. For too long, the police have been trying to solve the problems in isolation. And it has not been working. As a result, police, businesses, and communities have begun a movement to a new model, a new vision - what some might call…a new seismic shift. This training session will introduce a new seismic shift that is anchored around the concept and principles of synergy, partnerships, and proactive root problem solving.

7) Smart Policing

This series of training sessions and workshops will explore the principles of Smart Policing, and the holistic approach required for protecting communities. You will learn the six pillars to Smart Policing (Enforcement, Investigation, Intervention, Communication, Education, and Prevention), and how to execute on all six simultaneously and vigorously for success. Discover how to implement, and maintain both reassurance policing and neighbourhood policing techniques to significantly reduce real and perceived crime and disorder.

8) Police, First Responders and Security Leadership

Ward can custom design leadership training workshops and sessions for police, first responders and security personnel. Learn how to break with the traditional command and control style of management that flourishes today within policing, first response, and security organizations. We all know there is a "time and a place" for command and control during emergencies...it is that other 95% of the time where servant leadership principles need to be the SOP (standard operating procedure) and embedded into the culture of the organization.

Click here (www.PoliceOfficerLeadership.com) for examples of Police, First Responders and Security leadership workshop and training sessions that Ward offers.

Police Coaching Quote

“Mentoring and coaching is just a basic, fundamental expectation that every leader MUST do; it comes with the territory. We mentor and ‘coach’ recruits and 1st year police officers. Why is it that we all of a sudden stop after field training? Shame on us! Police supervisors need to be trained on how to be a coach and mentor. They need to have this as part of their learning plan to be a leader and to remain being a leader. It also should be part of their performance agreement or performance expectations with their supervisor. You are not asking for something wildly "out there". You are suggesting that this become a philosophy - a way of doing business in the police world. Every officer is a leader, and every officer is continually learning and developing. Mentoring and coaching ensures succession planning has options and it manages expectations.”

Ward Clapham