Consider Ward for a Keynote Speech - His Impact Could Last a Lifetime.


It's that somewhat nebulous, always pressing presence in every organization's culture. You know it's important for morale, for the customer experience, and for driving profits. But how do you change something that often feels like a fog?

Author, speaker, and former Canadian Mountie and Chief of Police, Ward Clapham, shares powerful insights into the myths and realities of changing an organization's culture. Using gut-wrenching examples from the colorful world of policing, Ward outlines effective ways for focusing on cultural issues that hold many organizational back from reaching peak performance. You will be inspired to action as Ward shares the avant-garde methods he used to break his teams out of ineffective practices and forge into better territory.

After serving 30 years in a highly entrenched cultural law enforcement position, Ward's unbelievable results prove that any leader wields the power to transform culture for the better.