Meet Ward Clapham

Challenging the way work is traditionally done, Ward Clapham inspires leaders to rethink the way they manage people and unleash hidden talent.


“Wonderfully Innovative” Dr. Stephen R. Covey

Dr. Covey is author of the international bestseller, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, named the #1 Most Influential Business Book of the Twentieth Century. Ward Clapham’s work is featured in a documentary training video produced by Franklin Covey.

“He’s a guy who Challenged the way work was traditionally done and is getting phenomenal results” Captain D. Michael Abrashoff

Michael Abrashoff is the author Best Sellers It's Your Ship, It's Our Ship and Get Your Ship Together where he featured his final chapter on Ward Clapham as one of the smartest leaders you’ve never heard of.

“Something Positive for a Change” Reader's Digest

Ward Clapham is featured as an innovator by Reader's Digest

“Visionary” Shared Vision Magazine

Shared Vision is a monthly magazine that featured Ward Clapham as a pioneer and visionary.

Campbell's Soup

"Outstanding and thought provoking presentation"

FORREX Forum for Research and Extension in Natural Resources

"Ward is an exceptional innovator and an agent of change with a notable track record. He is an exemplary visionary with superb communicational abilities, as reflected though his talks, as well as the book/media. Ward’s keynote address was extremely effective and inspirational to our team and directors, in addition to being very factual, energetic and most of all, entertaining. He truly is a pleasure to work with and I commend him on his ability to subtly challenge the captive audience. I very much look forward to bettering our partnership with him, as well as spending more time with an individual of such stature. Thank you sir for providing us with the tools and a tested checklist of break-with insights during this transition within our organization"

London Drugs

"Ward Clapham has appeared as a speaker at our corporate Loss Prevention seminar multiple times. Our conferences were enhanced by his presentations. He is a high energy, entertaining and engaging speaker. His real life stories of leadership and innovation are motivating and provide a catalyst for creative discussions and collaborative problem solving. Ward's book "Lead Big: discovering the Upside of Unconventional Leadership", is a great read and captures some charming anecdotes, all of which share useful leadership advice. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding Ward's appearances at our conferences. I will encourage anyone who has an opportunity to attend one of Ward's presentations to take full advantage"


"Ward Clapham’s presentation at the 19th annual ACETECH Symposium at Whistler was a big hit with our audience of technology CEOs. His guiding principles for improving performance through leadership inspires others to become all they can be. Ward was a pleasure to work with and his style is engaging and humorous. He left us with real take-home value"

Project Management Institute - Saskatchewan

"I wanted to pass on my compliments to Ward for a fantastic presentation. Of all of the speakers that we had at the conference, I have had the most comments and feedback on Ward. He was a captivating speaker. Actually, our PMI President told me she could have listened to him all day. His concepts were bang on with what we were looking for and his real life stories were not only fascinating, but also helped reinforce the message he was trying to get across. With the perfect mix of stories, concept and humour, he was a perfect fit for our conference"

Canadian Border Services Agency - Prairie Region

"The conference went very well, your sessions were right on the mark. I have had lots of feedback and thought I would share one with you from one of the chief's. I've had three interesting discussions with my Superintendents this afternoon/ evening about the conference (and other relevant topics). Amazing! The conference will be a great segue into a meeting I have scheduled with them next week. I can tell that they are thinking..."

Thrive National Conference

"Everybody loved your keynote presentation this year - can you be our opening keynote speaker again?"

The Health and Europe Centre - United Kingdom International Conference

"We have had such a lot of positive feedback about your are quite an inspiration. Canada is very lucky to have you and we feel very privileged that you came to our conference"

JV Driver Annual Conference

"Everybody loved your presentation"

London Drugs

"Your presentation was the hit of our conference - thank you!"

FranklinCovey Executive Study Group, Vancouver B.C.

"Ward, thank you for taking the time to share your journey and leadership philosophy with us. Everyone that I met in your office is further proof of your successes—there was a definite desire to help and a focus on people. I'm thinking of moving to Richmond!"

Senior Police Leadership Course

"Thank you for your inspiring presentation on leadership. I have been a municipal member for 24 years, and I can honestly say that you held my attention for the entire presentation. Your presentation was "bang on" as it was apparent to me that you definitely “walk the talk.”

Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership

"Wow, bring him back. Excellent pertinent presentation; excellent example of servant leadership and thinking out-of-the-box. So awesome to hear your story/courage. Thank you for your inspiring voice. Excellent, Inspiring! Powerful!"

Pacific Northwest License, Tax and Fraud Association

"Conclusive results from the completed evaluation forms for this year's Conference reveal that, for a second year in a row, the delegates' choice as "best speaker" was RCMP Superintendent Ward Clapham."

Canadian Library Association National Conference

“Thank you for a great, humorous, inspiring and fascinating presentation. Let the CLA take note that speakers from outside of the library profession are gems. They can be relevant and perhaps even more interesting than someone from within this excellent field because they bring fresh new ideas. I liked the autobiographical approach Ward took, the hilarious commercials that showed how not to do wellness leadership, his honesty and superb presentation skills. If somebody can take an army type of organization like the RCMP and promote wellness by treating subordinates like equals, and create a place of respect, we should sit up and take notice. Sorry to those of you who missed this session!"